Committed to bringing law on your siCommitted to bringing law on your sideCommitted to bringing law on your side

Committed To Bringing Law On Your Side

Committed To Bringing Law On Your Side

Committed To Bringing Law On Your Side

The Sector

Transport Industry faces complex technological and operational challenges which derives from the risks involved in its ever changing activity, the carriage of cargo, the haste at performing and modifying contracts, the speed of change in communications everywhere…while demanding an immediate direct responsibility before clients and third parties within an intricate legal and regulatory framework.

Our Mission

We help you to protect and insure your business with the best legal assistance according to the commitments acquired with shippers, exporters, importers and other transport operators as a result of damage of goods, responsibilities for any loss or damage caused to third parties, errors in performance, and responsibility towards public entities.


Insurance Companies and Companies dealing with transport or operating in the transport sector, either in main or accessory activities: logistic operators, forwarding agents, NVOC operators, shipping agents, maritime, air or road carriers, port terminals, warehouse operators, transport agencies, distributors, etc.